Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel has been a trail-blazing musical virtuoso since the age of four, and has become known as one of the pioneering guitar players of the modern age.  His live performances are legendary and he has inspired legions of aspiring guitarists all over the globe.

Typing 'Tommy Emmanuel Cover' into google will bring you 26 million search results.  He is considered the Greatest Acoustic Guitar Player alive by many, and is recognized as such in the reader polls of the most prominent guitar publications.

Tommy has released over 27 studio albums and has played on countless recordings as a session musician.  The Legendary Chet Atkins bestowed upon Tommy, the title CGP - Certified Guitar Player.

Tommy and his brother Phil have been the greatest mentors I could ever have asked for.  I feel they were the ones who taught me the language of music, and their unbridled enthusiasm for playing music has sparked a joy for playing in me, that I will always carry with me.

Tommy Emmanuel Photo Alann Clarke
Photo Alan Clarke

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