Rory Hoffman

Rory Hoffman

Rory Hoffman is a spectacular multi-instrumentalist who has gained a reputation as one of the guitar world's most unique and virtuosic players - playing guitar on his lap, much like a piano.  Rory grew up in rural North Dakota and has been blind since birth, he began playing at the age of 3.

Guitar Player Magazine said 'Wander into any Nashville bar and you are likely to hear some fancy picking—but nothing could prepare you for seeing Rory Hoffman.'  He is truly a musical phenomenon playing almost every instrument you can imagine.

I am such a huge fan of Rory - will never forget the first time I heard him play.  He’s one of the most brilliant and innovative musicians i’ve ever seen or heard and he’s such a cool, interesting person.

Rory Hoffman Photo South Dakota Country Music Hall Of Fame
Photo South Dakota Country Music Hall of Fame

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