Joe Glaser

Joe Glaser

Joe Glaser is the premier guitar tech in Nashville and one of the most respected luthiers in the business.  He has worked as a consultant and product developer to many of the largest guitar manufacturers in the world and is constantly traveling the world working with different instrument production facilities.

Joe is known as guitar tech to many of the world best players, working on the guitars of Tommy Emmanuel, Brent Mason, Vince Gill, John Fogerty, Rodney Crowell, John Jorgenson and countless others.  He was the developer of the PLEK machine, which uses robotic laser technology to optimally fret dress guitars and basses.

Joe has worked on all my guitars, and his shop in Nashville is the go-to place for the best players in town.  He has done miracle repairs on iconic instruments such as the slew of vintage guitars damaged in the 2010 Nashville flood.

Joe Glaser Photo Genevieve Viel Taschereau
Photo Genevieve Viel Tashereau

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