Gary Nicholson

Gary Nicholson

Gary Nicholson is a Grammy Award-winning songwriting extraordinaire, producer and performer.  He has over 500 songs recorded by a variety of music icons and is perhaps best known for his work with artists such as Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Ringo Starr, BB King, Fleetwood Mac and Billy Joe Shaver.

He is a legendary figure in the Nashville songwriting community, having penned multiple number 1 hits, and been a Songwriting Hall Of Fame member since 2006.

Gary and I have written a number of songs together and I have learned so much from collaborating with him.  He is so quick with lyric and always able to focus in on the most fundamental emotion of the song.  He is also a great guitar player and performer, his alter ego, Whitey Johnson is an establishment for musicians in the Nashville rhythm and blues community.

Gary Nicholson Photo Jeff Fasano
Photo Jeff Fasano

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