Bob Burwell

Bob Burwell

Bob Burwell is a music industry luminary from Buffalo, NY.  He is currently manages Kenny Rogers, Steve Vai, Joe Robinson, John Jorgenson, Rob Ikes & Trey Hensley & Lee-Roy Parnell.

He has worked in many areas of the music business during his storied career including as a concert promoter, publisher and label executive.

Bob and I have known each other since I was a teenager and his offer to book me on the Guitar Town Festival in Colorado, of which he is the director - was the reason I first applied for a Visa to work in the US.  Which led to me moving to Nashville.  So I owe Bob alot - he tells it like it is, and is a wealth of knowledge and experience about the opportunities and pitfalls of the music business.  And he’s a great guy.

Bob Burwell

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